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Sunday, November 28, 2010

So, it's a Winter Activity

As I analyze my bloggin' behavior over the past 5 years one thing is certain; I tend to blog more often in the winter.  I have a feeling that this years cold season will be no different.  I've already been stomping around the Newfoundland Labrador BlogRoll increasingly over the past few weeks and I figured it was only a matter of time until I posted something here.  Nothing Ghost Rider or Pearl Jam or even Activism related though.  This is just a little rant to re-familiarize myself with surroundings I haven't frequented in months; many many months.  My last post before this absence, funny enough, discusses such periods of time I spend away and  I've had several of over the course of this blogs existence.  It's humorous (or really sad) that I followed that up with another long removal, and not only from blogging, but the forum I was discussing in the last post as well.  Life, offline life that is, takes a hold of you sometimes though and suddenly 9 months fly by...

But alas, it does feel good to write again and I figure I'll stick around now for a bit.  I'm not sure how much inspiration I have towards discussing all things entertainment right now in my life, but I'm sure the clearly vocal side of me has something to share.  I'm not sure what those topics may entail or how frequent they will be shared, but it does feel good to be back.

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