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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Checkmate: Full Control

Those who have looking, really looking, would have noticed that in the past 10 years we have seen a rapid increase in the control on our world, on our very existence. With surveillance increased massively, invasive search techniques employed and the stripping of literally all human rights and freedoms, the case can be said that we now have little control of our own.  In fact, the true question may be; do we have any control anymore, in any aspect of life?  Body? Mind? Spirit?

Not to be a bummer, but I'm really not so sure that we do...

Control to the heights that we see now as we march into 2011 however, did not come over night and it did not come willingly... not consciously anyway. The way I see it (whether 'right' or 'wrong'), it's been an extremely long progression to the point we are today; to the point where we so effortlessly toss away everything we rightfully deserve. When you really dive into it, getting us to this moment in our existence was a ingenious plan slowly played piece by piece through a centuries long chess game. One may never know the order in which the pieces were played, because history is told by the victor, but when wandering through history with your minds eye open you can nearly visualize the board and it's pieces. This is a chiché no doubt, but truly how else can it be viewed? Two sides lined up on opposite ends, looking to command the playing field. The sides, light and dark.  In this case each side is drawing inspiration from opposite spectrum's of humanity; one thriving on fear, the other on love.  Dark. Light.  It is unfortunate however, that those who were empowered by love throughout existence weren't really aware that this chess game even existed, or if they ever did, they lost sight of it along the way.

Looking back at this game at it's inception though, you can see a pawn or two moving forward as they crushed humanities need to be in full sync with their surroundings, their true need to follow the natural cycles of the earth and the universe it exists in. I'm not sure if this was the first piece played or the only piece in this initial tactic, but confusing our biorhythms with the creation of the Julian calendar and similar systems of unnatural keepers of time were an important piece to be played I figure. A move that I don't think anyone can truly understand what affect it has had and continues to have on us. I'm sure if we asked the Mayans, they'd probably know...

But yet, the 2nd move was played before we got that chance. That perhaps the knight, moving in to put all the food under lock and key, deciding who gets to eat and who doesn't. When thinking now, perhaps this came even before the aforementioned pawns, but no matter when this piece was first played, it has since evolved into a life of it's own.  Today that lock and key is money, paper, used as trade in exchange for a life's necessity.  But worse, this knight doesn't even bring nutrition it it's delivery of food. No, it brings along poisoned unnatural genetically modified food which could or could not be yours depending on whether or not you have the right amount of paper.  Food that eventually will make you sick.

But quickly, the 2nd knight swooped in. This the knight that brings the medicine. The drugs. The chemicals. The created synthetic substances which humanity now gobbles down to make them 'Better'... perhaps even injects to counter the poisoning from the unnatural foods they previously devoured.  Or maybe they swallow pill after pill to heal them from the synthetic diseases that the rook in this game created and played later. The Rook at that point in the future perpetuating this knights necessity, it's necessity to provide the cure.

And yet, even after that, the Light side sat on unaware. Or maybe this is when they lost sight but irregardless, at this point the White side of humanity had yet to make any move. There was no pawn, nor rook, nor king, nothing in response to the dark sides movements thus far. 

But still, the Black side continued perpetuating his plan undetected, now playing the bishop who brought with it Religion. A belief. Something for all the sick and poor and hungry people to have in exchange for nutrition and health. A false sense of hope was created.  A blind faith that somebody was watching over them was consumed by the masses, thus willingly handing over their own power to some other entity... loosing control. But even still, pawns pushed in with that bishop destroying any belief that connected humanity to it's universe, every belief that was not the Dark chess players belief. These moves together broke humanities desire for truth... having 'found' faith.

Quickly after that move, the 2nd bishop was played and with that move came education. But not knowledge. No, knowledge is power and to win in this game, you cannot succeed power. Education though, that is the key. Education in a institutionalized atmosphere where at an early age you are indoctrinated into society, taught bare necessities from one point of view and kept that way until the age of 17... and many far beyond that. This education, this breeding of faithful 9 to 5 workers in this giant hamster cage that is the chess board, stripped our abilities to critically think and to rightfully discover the true vastness of our existence.

And still, loves side of humanity has yet to move a piece to this point. The queen and king slumbered on, not knowing the game has started or even exits. Their minions sit there dazed on their tiny squares waiting for orders, direction from somebody... anybody.

But it continued still; another rook was moved, this time bringing governance. Societal control. A system that has evolved from a monarchical stance to a now democratic approach. The Rook in all it's maneuverability has convinced society that those systems of governance are different, when they are not. A monarchy is merely more blatant in it's approach; the control is evident. A democracy gives humanity the belief it is not being controlled but meanwhile they people bicker amongst themselves as the Government moves forward with whatever desire it pleases. A system of divide and conquer was created and while humanity was already nearly under full control, now societies and populations of humanity are as well.

But the Black side isn't done, not yet. There are many pieces to be played; several pawns again next perhaps, these bringing all forms of media and entertainment. Afterall, humanity cannot have a mind either.  In order to win this game, they must be brainwashed into near comma like status, more involved in what Hollywood stars are eating for breakfast than they are with their own children. Children more involved in death stuffed video games (which only prepare them for war) than they are with their own parents. The Dark king and queen believe that humanity must be kept oblivious to their true existence around them as they ensure everyone pounds their ear drums with IPods packed with synthetic music saturated with subliminal messaging keeping them busy rodents. But even if humanity can ignore the entertainment, the pawns bring advertising and advertising keeps them with desire and lust for the media and entertainment, continuously keeping them  running the wheel in this hamster cage labeled life.  A cage which, as I see it, has been surrounding the Light side of humanity for an eternity.

These latest measures (the rapid influx of control mentioned at the start of this rant) were merely a few final pieces being moved. These pieces were propelled using a familiar tactic; large scale Psy-ops, most notably in recent history being 9/11.  The use of massive psychological operations expertly employed to sway general opinion and control through fear is how we got so quickly to this point in recent years. What's truly disgusting to me is that we willingly (but again semi unconsciously) accepted this mauling of essential freedoms, all in effort to find safety. It was a brilliant move and expertly executed. And not surprising when you look at how the game has been played this long.  The Dark side have truly been in control for a rather long time.

And now, here the game sits with all pieces from the Dark side sitting on the Light's doorstep; the breaths of the Pawns and Rooks and Knights now hitting the pale unaware White faces. And still, even then, they sit oblivious that the game has started, that it's very existence is real. 

And I question here at this moment, looking down on this game; how long will will this side of humanity slumber?  How long will they sit sleeping as their world, their chess board, is consumed and destroyed. How much longer can this world  survive as those who need to protect it, those who are fulled by love not fear, are keep dazed?  Dazed by the dark side who now controls it? 

I question further; Is this game already over?

I'll let YOU decide that.

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