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Crash Chaos Currency

Written By Stephen Eli Harris on Saturday, December 18, 2010 | 12/18/2010 07:20:00 pm

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The lust for world domination has existed since civilizations were born; Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Nero, Hitler, etc, etc, etc. Not for one second do I believe that this mentality, which evidently exists in all mankind, has ceased to be present today. Understand that, first and foremost, before I continue down this rant.

Next, please forget any radical terms like Illuminati or Skull and Bones (whether real or not) and focus on this fact: Various political world leaders DO meet with each other in private and they do so along with members of the banking elite (IMF, World Bank, CEO of Royal Bank, CEO of the Federal Reserve) leaders of wealthy industries (Oil, Power, Transportation), head honcho media moguls not to mention the other influential people like European royalty and such. You could research Bilderberg Group if you want more information on these gatherings but, whether you do or your don't, it's important to realize that critical conversations are being had at these private meetings. What's worse is that decisions by these unelected officials are being made out of these secret discussions. This is without even touching on the fact that millions of dollars are being spent each year on security for these super secret meetings. This is our tax dollars we're talking about and we are not even allowed to know what is discussed, let alone have a vote on these decisions. How is this a democracy?

That's easy; it's not. It's a Corporatocracy. It's all about money, the bottom line, not people and their health and wellness and as Jesse Ventura would say in his quest for truth; one must always follow the money. To take that a little further though, one must understand money, or better yet the financial systems of the world. Money is just paper after all. It’s just a symbol and without the system, it is worthless. And right now the financial systems of the world are being reworked into a centrally controlled grid.

At this point, I could go into a shit load of information about how all our resources and Canadian companies have been sold out in a transfer or wealth and resources to international corporations (HBC for example; the oldest company in North America, sold. Molson too. Vial Rail. Petro Canada. Nearly Everything) who in most cases run their businesses in unethical ways exempt from Canadian scrutiny.  I won't get into that though. I'll get to the meat of the conversation for brevity sake (if that's possible). Let's talk money and the money supply.

In the US, they have the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a Private banking system that prints and controls the money the Americans use. In Canada, it is much the same but instead of one bank, it's a few. 90% of our money supply is printed and controlled by RBC, Scotiabank, TD and BOM... Private banks.

The thing is though, we have a Bank of Canada which could be printing and controlling our money with no interest associated with it. The Bank of Canada Act specifically states that it is owned by the people of Canada and a servent of the people of Canada, regarding to the control of the money supply. If we printed our own money, our wealth would truly be ours because every single tax doller we ever paid would be going to our money and our country, not some private interest. We would never truly have a debt, meaning more money for health care, schools, transportation, the list goes on. Most of our Governments' spending as it stands now goes to the lining of these CEO's pockets who control these private interests. These private banks that  charge our governments compounded interest to have their money, 10% or more at that. What's worse is that these private banks also are not even required to have any reserve at all in order to issue this money. These private companies are literally creating wealth out of nothing, by making interest on collateral that they do not have. It’s robbery, plain and simple.

I keep thinking at this point; what happens if everyone who has money in the bank (savings, bonds, holdings, stocks, etc) wants it taken out? What happens if a few hundred million people say they want all their money back? How will these banks pay out money it does not have?  Simple; they won’t. The system will crash. History tells us that. This is essentially what caused the dirty thirties, isn't it?

And at this point, if that's not what crashes the system, inflation will be. I mean, inflation is caused by the amount of money in circulation, right? The more money printed means the more things cost. That's why things 5 cents in the day of our parents are now a buck fifty today. Simplified explanation sure, but that's what it is in essence. What’s so shocking about at this however, is how easy it would be to crash a system due to said inflation if a group of people wanted to. All one would have to do is keep printing a certain currency and eventually that would completely devalue that monetary system. It’s happened many times throughout history, Zimbabwe being one great example; an entire country was crippled by this very tactic of over issuing money and it's not the only example.

Shifting focus to the present tense; In this most recent economic drop last year, the US’s recovery plan was to issue the Federal Reserve to print money so that they could fund companies to ensure they survive the recession. They printed lots and lots of money and they weren’t the only county to do this as a survival tactic (including Canada). They just happen to be the ones that transferred the most wealth... by far. I wont get into where all this money went (ahem, car industry, banks) but there is no sign that these bailouts did anything, as the US is far from recovering. Worse, the printing of more money continues at a rapid pace (600 billion dollar bail bonds most recently) and soon enough the inevitable will happen; the American dollar will be devalued into something you just as well use as wall paper (like the Germans did when extreme inflation hit them).

If the American dollar crashed, it wouldn’t be long before the rest followed suit I figure and I keep wondering about what life would be like if these fiat money systems of the world were worth nothing. I'm assuming that, due to humanities need for this paper symbol currently, there would be mass panic and chaos first and foremost; something Europe is crippled with as I type this. Eventually, if our systems on this continent get that bad, I assume the anger in the people here will manifest much the same way.

With mass panic and chaos, military control is quite likely. A police state where G20 cops rule full time is scary to think about sure, but we learn daily that it’s the most likely scenario. With all that I've learned about the Fema camps being developed all over North America combined with the historical context of imprisoning our own in internment camps during times of war or stress (Japanese for example), who knows how far a police state could escalate? With all the laws that have been passed since 9/11 that practically handed over every freedom we ever had, even without full blown martial law it does not look good.

I can only assume a solution to the crashed economies of the world would be presented at this point in the future (should it become reality). That's generally what happens in a Problem Reaction Solution scenaio such as this, but what might that solution be?  Is a one world currency a possibility? It's true that leaders all over the world, both political and corporate and inbetween have been calling for such a thing for years, all out in the open: Harper calls for it and many others at the most recent G8 and G20 summits, Gordon Brown (UK Prime Minister) very recently called for a world government to handle the crises and Tony Blair has been speaking on it for years prior to him, Obama has been talking about it since his election campaign, Paul Martin is propogating the call for it in discussions with University Students, Henry Kissinger, all the Rothchild family including the youngest David De Mayer, the list goes on and on and on and on. And if that's not enough to digest, universal coins have already been pressed and presented at G8 and G20 summits (as depicted in the picture within this post) so it's clear to me that this is more than just a possible 'Solution'..

Coincedently enough, the people calling for this world currency (and beyond that to world governance) are the same influential people that take part in these meetings I mentioned at the start of this very long rant; one which you are likely not even reading any longer... but if you are this far, you are probably asking "So what, we'll have a global currency, a global government even; what's the big deal?"

The big deal, first and foremost, is that I did not get to vote on it. You did not. You and I and everybody else will never get to vote on these changes. This is a clear indication that our Government is a scam and not here for us but for 'Them', the Corporatocracy. The Left-Right, Red-Blue paradigm is just theater and until there are radical changes, that is all it'll ever be. Change is desperately needed and fast because the reality of the situation to me at this point in our existence is that, not only is the lust for world domination alive and well, those who are filled with said lust are winning.


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