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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Historical Conspiracies

Though a disturbing topic, there is something uniquely refreshing about a conspiracy discussion that has an end date associated with it. With regards to 2012, that is exactly what we have. I know it's difficult to use the term 'refreshing' when discussing something which revolves around, you know, the end of the world as we know it but still, being provided near absolute truth is indeed refreshing. As December 21st, 2012 hits we'll either know if it's all bullshit or if it not. Existence as we know it will either radically change or it won't. Simple.

A bleak way to start a post I know, but bare with me here...

I've always had an interest in ancient history (any period of history really, but the older the better) and I've recently dove heavily into the first known civilization; the Sumerians. Though having come across them several times in my research and reading as of the last 5 years, it wasn't until this past month or so that I've really dug further into their story. It may be my semi addictive personality, but what I've been learning has been fascinating to me. Even more fascinating perhaps is that I lived for well over 20 years and really did not possess this knowledge until as of late. It's strange that I was well aware of the Mayans and the Incas and the Romans for a very long time but, I was not taught one thing about the Sumerians in any year of schooling. That is rather odd to me considering every single culture and civilization that came later, was developed through ideas the Sumerians already possessed.

This first civilization known ‘invented’ literally everything our advanced society has today, let alone what the Romans and the Mayans of years long past used. They had communities, a government, schools, religion, advanced agricultural techniques and even language and writing... let alone the complex system of mathematics which eventually paved the way for the creation of arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. This was over 6000 years ago. What's most amazing to me about the Sumerian knowledge is their awareness and understanding of our universe. There are artifacts which depict our solar system to perfection, including the sun being in the middle and each planet revolving around it... round planets at that. This is something that our current civilization didn't learn until about 600 years ago or so. The telescope wasn't even invented until 1608, so it begs to question how these ancient beings possessed this knowledge.

Well, it turns out that there is a school of thought (by those who have dedicated their lives to studying the ancient Sumerians) who actually believe the advanced culture of the Sumerians was taught to them by ancient beings from another planet. This is a radical thought I know, but their creation story depicts them being genetically created by this other race... and by them, I would technically mean us; Humanity. As it turns out however, the creation story they wrote is much similar to what is found in the bible. In fact, words that are used in the bible like 'Adam' and 'Eden' for example are words found in Sumerian text. At this point in my understanding of it all, it appears to me that the bible is in fact just a retelling of the Sumerian belief. It just has replaced an ancient race of beings from another planet, with a God. One God in heaven.

Anyway, all this does have something to do with 2012 if you were wondering. It just needed a preface. You see, the Sumerians believed (and depicted) our solar system with a 12th planet which rotates around the sun every 3600 years or so in a large elliptical pattern. This is the planet they believe the Annunaki (the race of beings that create them) lived. This planet, Nibiru, is set to return to earth in Dec 2012... so it is said.
Oh, and as radical as all this sounds, many respected space organizations have spent lots of money on finding this Planet X... which by the way is said to be not a planet at all. Many scientists believe that it would be a dwarfed sun and they believe so because other known solar systems are binary systems; they have 2 suns. I would have to do far more research into all this before I can really even begin to formulate an opinion, but there appears to be some highly educated people researching it so the information is available.

I gotta say though, this knowledge has certainly given me some perspective on other conspiracies. The man- made global warming conspiracy, for example, is one place to start. I now questions whether that myth is propagated so heavily by the controlling elite to keep us from looking into the astrological and universal affects this new planet may be having on us? Is this new planet the true reason why earth’s temperature has risen?  Why every planets temperature has risen for that matter? Is this planet X the reason for the extreme weather patters as of the past decade or so? Is that reality (if it is real) being kept hidden from us in order to make a quick buck on some tax shifting idea?

I can't help but to think about the Chemtrail conspiracy at this point. Are these aerosol programs designed to create more cloud cover in order to prevent us from seeing this planet approach?

And what about the underground military bases and bunkers being built at a rapid pace. Do these people believe in Planet X?  Do they know what its affect may have on our planets magnetic alignment when it passes by?

My main focus or questioning at this point however is the overall conspiracy here; the control of knowledge. Is this secret planet X, Nibiru, being kept hidden from us? Is our true creation story for that matter being kept hidden? Is that the real conspiracy here? Were all these 'prophecies' of 2012 throughout the centuries just historical whistle blowers trying to tell reality to future civilizations, while a select few did everything they could to keep it hidden?

I wont begin to try and answer any of this, but I will always question. So many questions... but again, these questions will eventually have to be answered some day.  Dec 21st, 2012 I would assume.

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