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Friday, December 03, 2010

Return of Ghost Rider

It's highly unlikely that my addiction with Ghost Rider will ever surface to the heights it once was. It's probably a good thing that it doesn't actually, considering how addicted I once was is likely not healthy for anyone. Ever since that amazing day back in 2007 though, it seems my lust for information on the character has declined steadily to near non existance. I can't fully explain why, but maybe when you reach such a pinnacle with a certain aspect of life, it's difficult to maintain it and thus it fades away. Then again, my life has dramatically changed since then as well, so it could be a combination of elements.

Regardless, Ghost Rider is on my mind again and of course it's mainly due to the sequel which is currently being shot. A lot of folks probably don't even know that a 2nd is in the works, mainly because most people hated the first film. Those who do know are probably holding back vomit at the idea, I don't know. Not me though; I'm rather excited. Of course, I actually enjoyed the first film despite the lack of love coming from the masses. Yes, of course it could have been darker (as the main argument seems to be) but with the direction they took, I though it was a fun ride. Plus, finally seeing that image on screen was all I really wanted after all those years reading the comics... and now I get more! How can that be a bad thing?

My recent dive so heavily back into the character came with news of the first set pics being released... well, leaked I guess. It's just a couple photos so nothing special, but what I truly found interesting was finding out that Dan Ketch is going to be in this flick. Those who are fans of the comics would know fully who that is and those who don't probably do not care. Dan however, was the variation of the character that was the world of Ghost Rider I cherished. I wanted his story for the first film since the the first news that a script was being written, so you can understand my intrigue learning about his appearance in the sequel.

Having said all this, I'm really trying to stay away from the news this time around. I was so heavily engrossed (addicted) with the first film for 4 years that it may even have taken an extra year off of my life. Not complaining in the least, but I think I'd rather be a little more blind going into the sequel... which by the way is set to be released in February 2012.  Just over a year away...

... ahh yeah, there's no chance my addiction won't grow.  Just as well to face it now.

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