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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Animal Armageddon

Unlike most of mainstream media, the global phenominon that is happening with massive amounts of fish, birds and other wildlife inexplicably dying is one topic I personally can't ignore. I don't work for PETA or WWF and am not a vegan obsessed with respecting animals, but I do tend to be quite interested in events of such a grand scale. Meanwhile, our mainstream media reports on who Justin Beiber is dating now...

Regardless, the story for me starts with Arkansas. Two days ago I was informed by a coworker that on New Years eve, 5000+ black birds fell from the sky for no reason. Not far from there 80,000+ fish also washed up in a river at around the same time. I had to check this out for myself of course and upon reading further, I realized that the story goes much deeper than that. In reading the articles on those two events, I discovered that the next day 500+ birds were found dead in Louisiana. In fact, now six or more States have reported massive bird or fish deaths and these numbers are rising daily. Just a few hours ago it was reported that thousands of dead fish have washed up in South Carolina, and not long before that two million died in Maryland. It's pretty startling when you look at all the numbers in fact but, trust me, this story gets darker.

It's not long after diving into those articles when you learn that 100 tons of fish have washed ashore in Brazil, 40,000+ crab have washed ashore in the UK. The massive bird die off has been reported in Sweden and in Italy and other places around the world. New Zealand has reported incredible numbers of fish dead. I could go on and on and on.  This is everywhere all over the world and it's all happening right now. There are literally many millions of animals of several different species dead right now and most of them within the past few days. Check out this Google Map which lists them all to see what exactly I'm talking about here.

My conspiracy minded mentality is on fire right now, but it's not because I immediately jumped to the world of the Elite's control on our existence. I did weigh out some options first and continue to do so. I mean, I was okay with the explanation given for the birds in Arkansas, stating that the fireworks for New Years scared them into brutally beating each other up in a panic. I was okay with this even though there is no historical precedence for such a thing happening and we've been using fireworks for 1000 years or more. I was okay with the explanation that the bird death in Louisiana being caused by them running into wires. I'm fine with the cold weather in unusual places causing the massive die offs of the fish. I can take it even though it's happening so suddenly and all over the globe. All that makes perfect sense to me, albeit some of it quite hard to swallow.

What I'm not okay with is the lack of attention the media has given on the event. Worse, I'm weary of the fact that so far, they have also not begun to link all these events in any way shape or form. In most cases, the pieces are discussed separately (if at all) and it's quite regional in the discussion. When I see things like this coming from the controlled media, my Spidey senses start to tingle and when they do, I have to find out why.

Some minds in the conspiracy world believe that this is some new experiment from HAARP.  They say they could be pointing their energy waves in particular locations for whatever reason, causing these massive kill offs either directly or indirectly.

Others question whether this is this years version of the bird flu (or fish flu I guess). If this is a disease killing off these animals, you have to question whether it can mutate and transfer to humans? If it is a bug of some sort, I would wonder if it's synthetic or natural and if natural, how is it so wide spread without the pattern of it's spread one that dictates such?

With the information I have as of now though, I'm personally more of the mind that this massive die off is due to the extremely different weather patterns we've seen as of late. I can't explain why it's happening all at once in a short time frame but, it's the most logical explanation to me at this point. If this is true, then the Green movement will certainly gain some momentum in their propagation of the man made climate change theory... for better or worse.

We mustn't forget the oil either. I'm referring to BP's disaster this past summer; their titanic sized disaster that is. All that incredible amount of oil pouring into our delicate ocean ecosystems for months and then contained only by adding a worse chemical agent to merely disperse it. Who the hell knows what exactly that did to our animal life and what it will continue to do as it works it's way around the world. For all we know, this toxic mix that has destroyed parts of our planet could be the very reason the weather is so vastly different this year. It was a shit load of oil after all.

Whatever is happening, it's odd. That's the only way I can describe it: Odd. It's so odd that the Bible people and/or the 2012 folks are calling this the start of the end. The bible does have fish dying and birds falling as signs of the Apocalypse but, I'm going to wait for the river of blood before I start to believe anything like that....

Then again, there is this river in Canada which inexplicably turned bright green a couple days ago...


Miss Vikki said...

The River of Blood already happened. We had the Gulf turn red, it's till red, and what about Hungary?

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I still refuse to believe these end times thoughts. The fear being propelled with this is only going to blind us from real troubles in the end.