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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Psy-Opting Out

In continuation of my previous thoughts regarding the massive animal die off, my questioning has gone beyond what is causing it to if it's really happening at the scale being portrayed. It's a nutty thought perhaps, but one that has validity considering the history of psychological operations inflicted on humanity.

It's interesting to note that my conspiracy 'spidey sense' was tingling when digesting all this information due to how the mainstream media was covering this global event. What was somewhat blinded from me up until last night (when I watched this video) was the fact that mainstream media is the only people covering this global event. You can look for yourself; there are no YouTube videos from real people and there are no pictures from real people. I mean none. There is literally nothing personal from anyone in the world and this in an age where somebody can't fart without it being videoed and scrutinized via the web.

So, the question for me now (if this scenario is reality) is why? Why now? What is it that the controlled media is being used to hide with these Aflockolypic tales of death? Is it the coming economic crash? What exactly is happening in the political spectrum right now? What's going on with North Korea? Iraq? Afghanistan? Anything of importance I wonder? What exactly is happening in the world while the public is being whipped up into a frenzy being made to fear the end of existence as we know it? Fear induced control is constantly being deployed sure but, why this particular type of fear? That is my question, my new focus, because until I see one YouTube video from a real person not connected with the media in any way, this hypothesis has real validity. Because of this validity, I no longer wish to follow this animal story but instead get back to the people's story and find out what exactly we're being made to miss. I refuse to live in this cone of fear being perpetuated on humanity and thus I'm psy-opting out. I'm somewhat ashamed that I was caught as long as I was looking for a 'real world' answer. Another perfect example I guess of how one should always go with their gut.

For more information on the history of psychological warfare upon the masses, I would highly suggest watching 'Psywar' and 'Human Resources'. These are two great documentaries which detail the evolution of such techniques and are both quite enlightening.

In the meantime, if anyone has any personal videos of any of the recent events, please share them!

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