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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Election Truth Bomb

In January of 2006, Stephen Harper gained control of the Canadian Government by successfully campaigning with a desire to instate an 'Open and Accountable Governnent'. I remember this quite well, as I actually ran as a candidate during this same election. I knew even while in my rookie outing into politics what reality we were facing with a Harper Government...

Before I go on, I must declare that it disturbs me that more people didn't demand Harper remove his name from being plastered all over our official documents. It is not his Government. It is our government. I just had to make that clear.

From proroguing Government multiple times when he was under pressure, to silencing his ministers (or worse, enabling them to conduct criminal activity), to allowing the largest mass arrest in Canadian history during the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto, this Government has clearly shown that it is anything but 'Open and Accountable'. The reality of the situation is that, there has never been a more secretive, less accountable Government in the history of our Dominion, and it disgusts me. It doesn't surprise me, but it disgusts me.

On May 2nd, the citizens of Canada get a chance to right this wrong and while it will be a tough battle to rid Harper of power, it's a fight that we much take on. But it's also a fight which we must realize that the choices we have beyond Stevie are much of the same, no matter the color. The world has changed and our Country with it. The ideal of Democracy has been dismantled into a shell of what it once was and our Government has descended down a path which Prime Ministers of old have warned us about. Worse, we are well into this descent and well beyond it being a partisan issue. It has become (or must become) a peoples issue; a People vs the Government issue, and we must demand true change; true democratic change that goes beyond just ensuring we never have such a dictatorial leader as Stephen Harper ever again.

This next election provides people with a true opportunity to expose certain realities to the rest of the country. Nearly 24 hour attention will be focused on this campaign and increased opportunities for snippets of said realities will be available. Patriots for truth (whatever the topic may be) have grown exponentially in numbers since the 2006 election and these patriots will surely take this opportunity to further their tireless causes. Debate during the campaign will likely focus on all the same old push button issues, unless these patriots force anyone running for election answer questions on the larger issues; questions like these...
  • 1) More than 90% of our money is supplied via private banks with compounded interest attached. The Bank Act enabled them to provide this money without having that value in their vaults in what is called a fractional reserve system. IF elected, will you be willing to demand true economic change by declaring that Bank of Canada supply our money, considering this declaration is supported by our Constitution and the Bank of Canada Act to do so and do so without any interest attached?
  • 2) Will you demand accountably (and assurance it'll not happen again) for the passing of the Public Works Protection Act without debate during the 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto which lead to the largest mass arrest in Canadian history and an overall incredible abuse of power from the security and police force during that weekend?
  • 3) Will you demand an independent Canadian investigation into the attacks of 9/11 which killed 24 Canadians, launched multiple wars (which Canada's involvement is now a combat one over Peace Keeping) and also effectively caused the cessation of basic human rights via the Anti-Terrorism Act passed shortly after September 11th, 2001 and still in affect today?
It is honestly my belief that by focusing on these major issues (to start) we can truly resolve many other problems we are challenged with, and finally change our democracy to the beautiful ideal it could be, and should be. By true democratic and economic change we take control from the Banksters and restore power to the people of our great nation. Thus, we make our country that much stronger and better able to succeed in the future. Everyone knows the Government will never do this willingly; It must be the peoples will. The people must stand up for themselves, stand up for their families, stand up for their Countty and above all... stand up for truth.

In the end though, it all starts with a vote, and as long as we have at least that means to make a choice, we should all use it.

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