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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pearl Jam 20

It was devastating for me to read that Pearl Jam were doing another tour this year in Canada and not visiting the Atlantic portion of it. It's perhaps a little drastic to be devastated by such news but, since they visited our tiny province back in 2005, I've been dying to see them again. After being teased with the Canada reference, I was just kinda bummed when I discovered the tour was only going to be a few shows, that's all. I'm sure any PJ fan who saw either of the shows half a decade ago in St. John's probably feel the same way as I do, or Halifax for that matter...

Ah well, such is life. There are a bounty of delightful things happening this year in the world of Pearl Jam to keep me perky. I really shouldn't be too bummed about it all. The Band is celebrating their 20th anniversary all year after all, and they're doing so with a bang. I don't mean just touring and huge Labor Day festivals either; I'm talkin' about CD's being released...
Better yet, I'm talkin' about the upcoming release of Cameron Crowe’s brand new film, 'Pearl Jam Twenty', which will hit theaters and PBS in September, let alone the accompanying book and soundtrack album. This is perhaps the best news of all and I don't mean to wish my time away but... come on September! Check out the first glimpse (a teaser really) of the film below:

MookiePJ from Pearl Jam on Vimeo.

So yeah, I won't get to see the band soon (unless I can make it to one of the three easterly cities), but at least there is still plenty to celebrate. I know this fan is quite excited.

Happy 20th Pearl Jam!


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