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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Social Media Exchange

It's been just under two weeks now since a fellow blogger suggested a brand new social media platform to me and it's been equally long since I've been hooked to one. Empire Avenue is what I'm referring to and if you haven't checked it out yet and are a social media nut, I highly suggest you do. This site is the worlds only social media stock exchange where anyone can invest in other social media profiles by virtually buying shares in them and it's all free to use!

What I've discovered so far in my use is that not only is it a great way to promote your sites (or business, or just yourself) but it's also a great way to gauge your personal activity in a multitude of social media platforms. Beyond that, it's also a 'game' where you can unlock achievement badges earning you free currency (eaves) which you can use for investing in other people and products or for purchasing upgrades for yourself.

All in all the site is pretty great so far and what I find most wonderful is the fact that (as I just found out from John Gushue) the CEO is a former 'Townie' and yes, if you're curious, the name does come from the street in St. John's. Being a fellow Newfoundlander, I find that pretty awesome.

Check out the video and snippit from their about page below for more information or just go ahead and join up. I doubt you'll regret it.

Every day, you're on Twitter, talking to friends on Facebook, uploading videos or photos, and writing blog posts. Just for doing that stuff, you'll earn Eaves – our virtual currency – and we'll dish out some more virtual cash to your shareholders. Along the way you'll have a bit of fun, make new connections, learn about different people, and learn about social networking and the value of your network! Use your Eaves wisely and you might just become a virtual millionaire... or billionaire (insert evil, world-dominating laugh)?  -

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