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Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Ghost Rider Image

While I am indeed making a concerted effort to stay very much out of the loop of any developments concerning the upcoming Ghost Rider reboot, I couldn't help but take notice of an article posted on SuperHeroHype a while ago which displayed some new images.

The imagery presented here pretty much solidifies reports that this movie will have a far different tone to it than the first one did. Ghost Rider has a much darker, scarier look this time around and from what little I've read, I understand that this movie will indeed be darker. Nic Cage also elaborated on this thought recently at this years comic con, which you can watch below:

Most of the negative feedback given to the first incarnation of the character was that the film wasn't dark enough. The long time fans of the character were those most vocal and it'll be interesting to see if this version satisfies. Time will tell...

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