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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Liberty Blogging

Since joining the Blogosphere back in 2005, I have been no stranger to that wonderful world. Frequent visitors (if they exist) to this particular space would probably look around and say that I don't contribute to the world very much, and if they based things on this blog alone they would be right. The fact is however, I've spread myself over many different blogs over the years, some of which I don't even look at or contribute to anymore, while others (all of which are listed to the left) I post articles to fairly frequently. What that said, I'm posting here today to announce that I've spread myself out even further with the launching of my brand spankin' new politically inclined blog entitled 'Liberty Manifesto NL'. The title and what is found within the new site is inspired by the basic Libertarian belief that 'individual rights are supreme above all else and with those rights comes the responsibility to respect the equal rights of other individuals'.

While this space here has some focus on political minded diatribes, politics being one of my obsessions, I decided that branching out again for this new venture would be best. Here is too unfocused for such a thing, with all the entertainment related items found throughout. Don't get me wrong however, political and social discussions like ones posted in the past will continue to be presented on this page, but I wanted a clearly focused all encompassing location for my reform and revolution thoughts.

From the new blog's Declaration of Intent:
With this blog, it is my purpose to fully disclose any personal views I have on the social economic world picture as I currently see it, and to propose ways which we can improve upon it. The intent is to clearly lay out my personal thoughts in a broader scale and help bring new ideals to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the country of Canada, and indeed to the world.
What I have planned is a massive task no doubt, and I'm even thinking of developing those writings into a book some day. Whether a publishing company would print it or not will be interesting, but there are plenty of options for getting it done, so who knows? If I ever decide to massage that idea however, it will take some reworking before I even attempt such a thing. For now I just want to get these thoughts out there and considering the fact that blogging is very familiar to me, that's where my energies will go.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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