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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A 'Known Critics' Broken Heart

While it is no surprise to learn that the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador pays agencies - or internal communications people perhap - to monitor media outlets, even the social kind such as Twitter, learning that you classified as a "Known Critic" in said monitoring documents is quite interesting. A fellow blogger over at 'Labradore' posted a document yesterday, which was a media monitoring report that he managed to acquire after filing an access to information request. I'll repost below:

What is most enlightening for me about seeing this document - besides knowing that money is wasted by people perusing Twitter - is that Bill 29 obviously does not protect any of the public. It is rather strange to me that, of the information hat has been redacted in this document, the names of the citizens listed here were not. At the very least, however one feels about this behaviour, every name should have been considered sensitive and redacted. Sure, some people will argue that all the information was public anyway, but it wasn't publicly branded this way - as a 'Known Critic', for example.

I'm not upset over this classification as I'm quite proud to be engaged politically, but what I don't understand is that my Government fails to engage we critics back in any way. All the emails I've sent are rarely replied to - and none with any substance. I'm even blocked on Twitter by some MHA's, who I can only assume do not want to publicly face questions from a 'Known Critic'. Why am I not questioned as to why I am a critic, or sought out for my reasons as to why I think the way I do? It makes no sense to me. Without engaging me or us, this whole document seems pointless and - yes I'll use the term - Big Brother like.

To be honest though, I've given up trying to understand the current Government and again, I'm certainly not surprised to be listed in this document. I am quite vocal after all, both publicly via social media and privately via email to my supposed leaders and representatives. During the time this media monitoring report was being compiled, I was quite active sending emails - and you know what? I think I'll share one of those here now seeing it's in my mind. This one was sent to MHA's on November 23rd, 2012:

I watched as many Arab and African nations had their resources stripped from them by greedy corporations propped up by corrupt governments, before raging in the streets demanding change. I thought then "I'm lucky to live in North America".

I watched as the criminal banking elite drove US citizens out of their homes and into recession after horrendous behaviour in the stock markets back in (and prior to) 2008. I thought "I'm lucky to live in Canada".

I watched as Stephen Harper has taken the reigns and pushed Canada so far back on the world stage that my head is spinning. From being held in contempt, to the prorogations, to the spending in G20 meetings and combat missions all over the world, to the recent public service lay-offs  Canada is so unrecognisable to what I once knew it to be. Even then I was about to think, "At least I live in Newfoundland and Labrador".

Now. Now this. This 'Government'. I've never been so ashamed in my 34 years of living. I've never been so scared for the future either. I'm so appalled by how our 'leaders' are ramming through a nearly 8 Billion dollar project without any review, debate, or care in the world. As each day goes on, I see more darkness. As each day goes on I lose faith in not only this government, but this project as well. Where I once was a supporter, I now fear what is hidden. Moreover, I fear what WILL be hidden in the future, what may be rammed down our throats without transparency and accountability... and this in Newfoundland and Labrador, the last safe haven on earth.

You people are breaking my heart.
And believe me, it's only gotten worse. A broken heart has turned into absolute anger. This 'Known Critic' CAN NOT wait for 2015...

Oh, and if you are wondering, yes, I did send them all an email on this 'Known Critic' stuff. Don't hold your breath for a response though. I'm not.

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