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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Brand New Blog Design

It was only a few short months ago that I spent several hours rearranging and updating this space. Had I known then that I would become restless again with how things were around these parts, I wouldn't have invested that time. You live, you learn, I guess.

I had been noticing some performance issues with the blog as of late, and I after spending a bit of time trying to iron them out, I decided to go in a new direction, that being an install of a whole new template.
With it now installed and modified accordingly, not only are the performance issues gone, but I'm enjoying that the entire place has been revitalised from it's dated design of old. The new magazine style template, I think, really suits the many themes - obsessions - found here. The two main themes of Politics and Entertainment are clearly in focus, but so are the many minor themes - Conspiracy Reality, Pearl Jam, LA Kings, Ghost Rider, Stephen King, etc. The main page is busy no doubt, however, I actually really like it that way.

Quite a bit of work was put into all this during the week, mostly this weekend, but I'm super happy at the moment that I took the time to do so. I'm counting on not becoming restless again for quite some time.

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