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Friday, July 26, 2013

Disseminating Libertarianism

In early December of last year, I set out on a path to create a brand new political blog, motivated by many conversations - arguments - I was having with several of my peers. It's probably not something that was totally needed, as most of the information I was going to post is easily found elsewhere on the internet, but I proceeded anyway, as an exercise of organizing my own thoughts if nothing else. Besides, the information being presented was perhaps not found anywhere in such a format, and definitely not found coming from a Newfoundland and Labrador perspective... or maybe not anyway.

Everything that I'm posting on this new 'Liberty Manifesto NL' site is influenced by my preferred brand of libertarianism: Eco-libertarian with anarcho-syndicalist tendencies. I'll expand on that in future posts I'm sure, but for this one, I'm really only focusing on the blog itself, not so much expanding on what it is I believe politically and socially. That, in fact, is what the blog is for.

For a couple of weeks, I worked my little fingers, typing my thoughts into several beginning posts. Most of them are created to serve a purpose of providing a little background, before getting into the concrete broad visions that I have for a potential future of a better world, or country, or province, or community even. I hadn't intended on beginning with the background posts, but after diving into things, I figured it would be best. Without some sort of minor backdrop into my way of thinking and my influences, I would think that the task of understanding my vision would be that much more difficult. So, I started with:
When I had those introduction posts created, I've moved on to the massive reform topics that I have swimming around in my head. I've been taking my time formulating these particular posts, and I am working on organising many broad ideas, so it's been slow going so far. I'm also attempting to keep it somewhat grounded, to make the ideas I have as accessible as I possibly can. Not all people are totally responsive to libertarian-esque ideas, not yet anyway. Perhaps in the future that will change, but for now, to help spread some ideas, I'm keeping it as 'statist' minded as I possibly can while still pushing the libertarian ideals I feel would be best. And in fact, I'm more minarchist than anarchist, so that comes into play as well.

Anyway, I have these broad topics completed:
Thus far, it's been successful in helping get my broad based thoughts out of my head, and on 'paper' for the world to see - by world, I mean the few visitors I get to the blog - and I look forward to continuing to develop it as I grow and learn. I have no idea if the peers I argue with will push these ideas to the side, or jump on board, but at least it's out there. It's their choice beyond that.

Eco-libertarian with anarcho-syndicalist tendencies. #DigginIt

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