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Friday, July 12, 2013

Pearl Jam Counts Down

Early last week Pearl Jam began a countdown on their website, set to expire on the following Monday with an announcement unlocked. It was completely unknown what that announcement would be, but many speculated that it would be one or two of a number of different things: a new album, a single, or even a world tour. Like every other major fan, I anxiously awaited for that ticker to tick down, and at 2:30pm local time this past Monday, the countdown ended and their secret unlocked. What it was was a posting of dates of an upcoming North American tour this fall!

This is no doubt awesome news for Pearl Jam fans. Even if they aren't coming anywhere close to where I live, it's still exciting! I can only imagine what the news was to people who live closer.

They weren't finished there, however. Another countdown immediately began when the tour was announced, this time for only 3 days. Yesterday, this new countdown expired and what news was unlocked was long awaited awesome-ness; 'Lightening Bolt', the band's 10th studio album and first since 2009, will be released in October!

Better still, not only did the band announce the upcoming album, they also released a brand new single from it! You can, and should, listen to 'Mind Your Manners' below:

Awesome eh? Yeah, I think so too!

The band has another countdown up and running now as well, but we have to wait a tad longer for this one to run out. It's set for album release day, October 15th, just 93 short days away.

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