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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Police State Canada

Canadians are outraged over the weekend police shooting on a Toronto streetcar of teenager Sammy Yatim. Many have spoken out loudly against the actions of the officers, and many others have even taken to the streets in protest, demanding 'Justice for Sammy' - and rightfully so. This whole story is outrageous. The police apparently had no idea how to diffuse the situation, and instead, they shot - killed - first, deciding to ask questions later. Worse, as the Toronto Star points out, this is only the latest in a long line of police shooting deaths.

Whenever tragic events such as this happen, I can't help to be reminded of the Toronto G20 summit, specifically the protests that took place that weekend, and subsequent largest mass arrest in Canadian history. While there were thankfully no killings that weekend, we did get to clearly see the mentality of the police and security forces in this country, and how they feel about citizens. While I'm sure this disturbing and brutal mentality isn't found amongst all individuals within the police forces, if events like G20 - and moreso, the Sammy Yatim murder - are left unchecked, the disturbing mentality will continue to grow like a virus. We have to be hyper vigilant in times such as these to ensure these 'protectors' are punished appropriately in order to stop the growth of the deadly mindset.

I'm embedding 'Into The Fire' below, which is a documentary that documents and exposes the crimes of the security forces during the Toronto G20 summit. Please take the time to watch this wonderful and insightful film from Press For Truth. With more information via films such as this, perhaps we'll have a chance to end Canada's police state, before it takes hold any further.

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