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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Electric Car

Having watched both 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' and 'Revenge of the Electric Car' this past weekend during a relaxing documentary day, reading news yesterday that GM were dropping the price of their Chevy Volt by 13% was timely. More than timely, however, it was awesome. I'm quite happy to be seeing these mega companies competing with each other with this technology... finally. It was a long time coming, but I think we all, including those who run these companies, know that this is the future for everyone. Most of the world is screaming out, demanding that business step up to present solutions to our environmental problems, and with these electric car offerings, some have started to do just that. They may have come kicking and screaming, but at least they have now arrived to this point. With all of them currently competing for electric car consumers, this will only get better for us all.

Now it's time for the consumers to step up. These companies are busy inserting a supply of electronic transportation alternatives, and now we consumers have to take the next step to ensure that there is a demand. I realize that we are all addicted to oil and gas, and have a hard time removing ourselves from it, but there is no room for excuses any longer. Before, we could only demand that companies do something, and now that they have, we must do more than just demand; we have to buy. Our choices are what fuels business to change. Now that there are more, and better, choices out there, it's time to stop pointing fingers and start choosing wisely for ourselves. If we all don't provide the demand, the supply won't be long drying up. Nobody should want that at this point.

Below are the trailers for both previously mentioned documentaries. I highly recommend including them in your own documentary watching day.

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