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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cameron Crowe Documentary on Pearl Jam

I read on the MTV Moves Blog that Cameron Crowe has been snatched by Pearl Jam to put together a Documentary for them. Did you hear that? Not only is it about time that this 'last of their kind' band is doing a feature picture, but it's also being assembled by Cameron Crowe to boot!

It's reported the film will contain footage from concerts, the backstage of concerts and of even some shots from in the studio. From what album(s) or tours the footage is from, I don't know but I'm sure this is not all it'll have. It does give we fans a taste of what we can expect, which is great news. Some of us have been expecting something like this for a long time.

Come to think of it though, as long as I've been expecting this film to go ahead, I never once pictured Crowe with it. Not that he's not the man for the job. It's quite the opposite really. He is THE man for the job. There's really nobody else I'd want doing it. He has a resume that states that as a Kid he 'eased' himself into Rolling Stone and later made a very successful move about it called 'Almost Famous'. I'm sure you've all heard of it, watched it, loved it. Great movie no? Well, that's enough for me for him have on a resume to know he's the one who will handle this perfectly.

Keep on eye on this one. It should be a doozy!



Gordon said...

What? That's awesome.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

It certainly is that! I personally can't wait to see further developments on this news.