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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Backspacer Songs Played Live

In continuation of my recent train of thought (that being Pearl Jams' new album) I figured it would be fun to post some clips of recent live performances.  These are from the bands recent travels and are in some cases the first time songs from Backspacer are ever played; like this clip of 'Supersonic' live from their London show back in August:

There's another angle of it here as well.

This wasn't the only song they premiered as of late though.  'The Fixer' has been a hot one as well, which is no big surprise considering it's thier first release off the album.  Here's a clip of them playing it at the Calgary Virgin Festival:

Two fine examples of great rock musicians in action, don't ya think? If you're interested in hearing more or seeing related videos, I have a youtube channel created with these and more. Be sure to let me know of the ones I missed eh?

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