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Friday, September 04, 2009

'BackSpacer' - The Past Couple of Months

All the while I've been gone from blogging it has been constantly in my mind that Pearl Jam were set to release a brand new album. As the days and weeks ticked by, that nagging in the back of my brain became stronger and more difficult to push away, especially considering the daily news alerts I've been receiving; Ones that I eventually just stopped reading to help ease that excitement... until now.

I decided today to take a run through all those articles and follow them back to when I last discussed it... and from what I'm reading along the way so far, it's been a fun ride!

The first thing I notice as I weed through all the articles is that Pearl Jam as they reach their 19th year of existance have become marketing machines harnassing the internet like you wouldn't have expected. It's a new trend for this band, but I have to admit that gimmicks like releasing ring tones and treasure hunt viral marketing campaigns really get me going. Let alone them getting involved with the Rock Band phenomenon.  This is all in addition to the cameron crowe directed video for The Fixer and a making of documentary, which I posted about recently.  It's all rather exciting, don't you think?

Not everyone is happy with the new trend though, especially the new deal struck with Target to sell their upcoming album.  A lot of fans are crying foul of the endevour while the band keeps trying to reasure everyone that the deal is best for everyone.  RollingStone reported just a couple days ago that Pearl Jam has big plans for the target deal and say that the band is asking the fans to trust them.

This fan does and that's where I'll leave that...

As I travel deeper into my list of news alerts, I find some news that is rather typical for this band... or any band really, and that is touring.  Pearl Jam is no stranger to hitting the road and for promotion of Backspacer, then did (and are currently doing) nothing different.  From stops in Australia and Europe to a North American tour, the band has been (and will be) quite busy up to and well beyond the albums release... and I bet that's the way they like it.  It's definitely the way the fans like it.  I mean, who wouldn't.  You never know what you're going to get in a Pearl Jam show and once  you go once, you're  hooked.  Constantly just waiting to see them again.  That's how I feel anyway and I figure I will for the rest of my life.

It's almost too hard reading about all the shows actually, but I do anyway, and I dream, dream, dream.  I dream about being at the intamate London show when Ed paid his respects to Michael Jackson by doing his own cover of "Ben".  Or maybe have been there when the band rocked Toronto with a show that started with the guys learning that their opening act was delayed at the border, so they opened for themselves with a set full of covers and fun stuff.  How amazing is that?  Of course it would have also been very amazing to have been at the Calgary Virgin Fest gig with 33000 other fans.  Any show of Pearl Jams would be an awesome time and they all seem so monimental to me or something.  Take the upcoming show in Philidelphia for example.  This show will be the last for the Spectrum.  The band get to close it down and I think that's a special thing.  I'm sure it'll be a lovely show and I'd love to be there.

But alas I wait.  I sit and wish and dream and hope that they return to Newfoundland.  At this point in my life it's the only way I'll get to feed that craving of dying to see a show.  In the meantime, I guess I'll have to compare my notes on the top 25 Pearl Jam songs to that of Charles over at examiner.com who has been spending the past few months ranking all of the bands' songs.

Now that is amazing, no?

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