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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Final Night

Last nights screenings were very good. I'm very happy that I was able to check out the final film of the night actually. It was a very well done documentary about life after 9/11. The filmmaker travels from California to New York speaking with many different people along the way, in an attempt to help her cope with the whole experience. Why I'm happy that I saw it is because is gave me a new light on Americans and made me realize that not everyone there has the same view. Just like anywhere, the country is filled with many people, all with their own views. She did a very good job of not showing one side over the other and was truly a refreshing view of how the public dealt with the tragedy.

Of course, all the films of the night were fabulous. That one just happened to strike me the most.

Tonight, is the last night. I'm not sure how I feel about that really. After today, it'll be all over for another year and I'll be back to normal work in a shitty job. But today I party; one final shin-dig with all my friends and cohorts. It should be fun. And of course, the movies aren't over yet.

Today's Line Up

Int'l Award Winning Shorts Program [ 12:30pm ]
Award winning shorts from around the world

Afternoon Program [ 3pm ]
Lyon King Mark McGuckin, British Columbia
Blind Fear Pascal Trottier, Ontario
Downward Calling Mark O'Brien, NL [view trailer]
Drawing Out The Demons David Vaisbord, British Columbia
Tiger Lalita Krishna, Ontario

Evening Program [ 7pm ] [ buy showtix ]
Kata Practice Siu Ta, Ontario
Safe Kris Booth, Ontario
Victor Nick Haffie-Elmsie, Ontario
The King Hunt Justin Simms, NL
Pleasant Street Gerry Rogers, NL

I'm only able to make the evening screenings today but, at least it's something. I'm pretty pumped to see the final films and to see who gets the awards. There is a ceramony for that directly after the last screening...

... and then a big drunk or something. Yay!

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