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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Making of Backspacer

What a completely horrible start to my 30 posts in 30 days campaign.  I think I jinxed it by even announcing that I was going to takle this feat.  If I had of just started today with the posts and went without the declaration of intent, this missing of the first day may not of happened.  None the less, it did.  Not to say all is lost though.  I am here and it's only 50 minutes past September 1st.  No biggie right?  I'll still post another post on the 2nd and that should make up for things.  Right?

In the meantime as a preview to my 2nd post in this ill began campaign, take a peak of this mini documentary on the Making of Backspacer.

Oh yeah, if you didn't know, Pearl Jam has a new album coming out on the 20th of this month.  It's called Backspacer and there will be MUCH more on this here in the coming days.  In fact, I would think a majority of this 30 in 30 thingie I'm at the start of will revolve around this news.  If you like Pearl Jam, stick around.  We're in for a ride!

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