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Monday, May 02, 2011

Election Fever

Ahem, that's ELection, with an L. Those who came here thinking this post was something else should turn around now... though, I gotta say, this election has been quite exciting, just not that kind of exciting. I say 'has' as if it's all over, but in reality it's still very much on the go. As I post this, there is nearly exactly 1.5 hours remaining until the polls close in Newfoundland, the first to shut down. There's still a long way to go yet, with many (many many I hope) votes to be cast.

I followed this election very closely within the online social media community this time around, with a large focus on Twitter. I found it interesting to see how engaged that community seemed to be, and I'm truly hoping that it translates well into a high voter turnout. The participation in our democracy was absolutely atrocious last time around, embarrassingly so. From what I can see however (and not just from observing online activity), engagement into politics has been way up over the past month. Yes, I do realize that overhearing many conversations regarding the election doesn't mean the people will turn out to vote, but I have faith. I believe in the people of Canada. They'll do the right thing and make their voices heard, I know they will.

In analysis of everything from my slightly altered point of view, I have no idea what to expect here. For the last year or so, I have been predicting that Iggy would become the next Prime Minister, as I believe he was groomed to be so by the banking elite, or whomever you want 'them'. While there is still a very strong possibility that he could become Prime Minster (either elected or via other means should Harper gain a minority again), the NDP surge discussed in the media as of late has my mind off balance, not knowing what to expect. I certainly did not expect Jack to be so heavily involved (much like everyone I figure), and all I keep pondering is if it's because there are more people in Canada who believe similar things as I do, than I thought there were?...

Anyway, there is an old adage; 'The devil you know is better than the devil you don't' or some variation. I'm sure there will be a high percentage of people who will vote Harper solely based on not knowing Iggy. I just didn't realize that there was such an abundance of people who decided to perhaps not vote for either devil... or at the very least another devil they knew; Layton. I'm not saying that Jack is a saint or anything, but at least Canadians knows him, recognizes him, and perhaps people are looking at that more than I thought they would. Will he become Prime Minister? It won't be by vote I don't think, no but, if Stevie gets a minority and a vote of confidence is lost and Jack is next in line... it's possible.

I'd like to point out that I'm not an NDP supporter normally. I'm not anything normally. I don't believe in extremist values in any sense of the world and I don't see a problem with 'flip-flopping' neither. People evolve and their values and beliefs evolve through the constant gain of knowledge and experience. I vote as I feel is best at that time, each time. This time, it was NDP.

Let's see how it all unfolds...

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