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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Election Reform Desperately Needed

It's been a week since the tragic election outcome that fell upon the land and I think I'm only now waking from my coma, induced by the massive amount of disbelief that I was under as a result. It's been tough to think about what happened on May 2nd, and to be handle it, I just chose to not think about it. Looking back now however, there is only one clear thought taking over all others in my head; election reform is desperately needed here in Canada. Like now.

In an election where a populous cried out to maximum decibels for change, one which featured several historical firsts (NDP being the official opposition and GPC leader being elected), mixed with tragic defeats (Bloq and Liberal), all the current electoral system allowed was a majority of the same. What's truly disturbing is that less than 40% of the voting population of Canada was all that was needed to form this majority Govenment. Only 39.6% of those who voted did so for Stephen Harper, meanwhile 60.4% (and voter turnout was up) voted  for something else. Despite this, Stevie and his crew were awarded complete and total control over 100% of everything... for four years. How does this make sense to anyone?

For those who it doesn't make sense for, you may be interested to know that May 14th has been declared National Day of Action for Electoral Reform so there is hope for change. We'll all have to work hard to make it happen but, at least there's hope, and sometimes that's all we need. I do encourage everyone to get informed and to take part in any actions on the 14th if possible.

Electoral reform is a national discussion that Canada needs to have. Our current first past the post system (FPTP) has not been modified since 1867 and does not provide us with any semblance of full and proportionate representation in Parliament.
Until we have reform, we will never have a government that truly represents our proud and diverse nation. Let's get it done!

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